Joyner Lucas – Revenge

Joyner Lucas – Revenge

With the new decade comes yet another chapter to Joyner Lucas’ ADHD album in pieces. After sharing a preview of the song, Joyner comes through with the complete song. He takes to a haunting guitar loop as he returns to his story telling roots. Joyner deftly controls his cadence to build anticipation for the inevitable drop. When the drums do hit, they add a new layer of urgency to his reflection.

Check out the song below.

Quotable Lyrics

Give me a pen, I don’t even drink
But fuck it, I need some Henny and gin
Plenty of sins
I broke my bitch’s heart, she’ll never forgive me again
Where have you been?
I had to go find myself, I killed and buried my friends
I never could swim
I used to push some weight with niggas who been in the gym
Come step in my Timbs
You could not walk in my path, I never caught no cabs, I had to walk

Joyner Lucas – Revenge (Audio)

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