Joyner Lucas Drops New Song “ISIS” Featuring Logic

The ever incredible Joyner Lucas returns with Logic for his latest song.

Joyner Lucas has always impressed, so yesterday when he announced that he was dropping the latest song off his upcoming ADHD project, it was met with so much excitement. So far, we’ve heard a few songs from the album and although it’s still missing a release date, the Massachusetts-bred emcee appears to have nabbed an impressive list of features for it. Having introduced Eminem, Chris Brown, and others, we wondered who the next feature was going to be. When Joyner disclosed that the song would be titled “ISIS,” we expected that the song will be just as controversial as the last one. We only had to wait 24 hours, and finally we have Logic on ISIS.

Firstly, this song features none other than Logic, and we already know how perfectly he will fit in perfectly with Joyner’s style of spitting.

Although the two rappers have disagreed in the past, Joyner and Logic put their qualms aside to work together on this hard-hitting, bars-heavy anthem. Joyner handles the first two verses before Bobby closes out the song with his rapid-fire flow.

A video was released with the new cut, showing both rappers in their military uniforms, mobbing out with a crew of soldiers behind them.

Scoop Lyrics:

How you gon’ move on the front line?
If I don’t fuck with you, I just cut ties
My high school teacher said I’d never be shit
Tell that bitch that I turned out just fine
And no, I don’t know you for the twelfth time
We do not share the same bloodline
You love to run your mouth like a tough guy
Hope you keep the same energy when it’s crunch time

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