Joyner Lucas – ADHD

Joyner Lucas Drops Of The Album Title Track ADHD

Joyner Lucas has chosen to be the man that defies traditional album release traditions. At first, he planned to drop his upcoming ADHD album in a fragmented fashion but you see how that worked out right? But here he comes once more, layering another proverbial brick to his home. By God, the madman (in a genius good way) might actually pull this shiit off. Today, the title track “ADHD” has arrived, joining the likes of “Isis,” “10 Bands,” and “Broke And Stupid.” At this rate, we might not even receive a tracklist, with Lucas instead imploring us to “choose our own adventure.”

ADHD seems more different that the previous three songs, as Lucas takes a more melodic approach. Joyner Lucas takes on a melancholic instrumental; and in terms of musicality, I dare agree that this might be his most well-crafted release thus far.

As per flow, Joyner continues to be Lucas… delivering slippery sturdy lines. His debut album is already shaping up to be one that will leave a lasting impression. Check out ADHD below and let us know what you think.

ADHD (Track Info)

ArtistJoyner Lucas
Song TitleADHD
GenreHip Hop
Release Date9/12/2019

Joyner Lucas – ADHD (Song Download)

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