Indiana Wesleyan University Scholarship: Eligibility, Medical Insurance, Purpose, Transfer Students, English Programs, And Lots More

By | August 24, 2023

While attending a school far from home might be exhilarating, it can also be frightening. But there’s no need to worry. Indiana Wesleyan University is here for you.

 International students find it very pleasing at IWU, where they quickly feel at home as they join a close-knit Christian environment that is culturally, intellectually, and economically diversified. The University values the key contributions each student will make,  inviting foreign students and scholars from all over the world to come study in its institute.

Read on to learn more about the institute.

Origin and Purpose

Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) was established in 1920 by The Wesleyan Church, to develop students’ leadership, knowledge, and character through a Christ-centered education. The university emphasizes leadership, scholarship, and good character.

IWU’s comprehensive financial aid program is based on Academic Awards.  IWU gives qualified students an Academic Award, recognizing their devoted commitment to their studies.  Indiana Wesleyan provides Wesleyan students with a variety of financial aid alternatives. The assistance is aimed at encouraging those who choose to pursue a Christ-centered education.

The IWU – Marion, Indiana Campus provides $20 million each year in grants and scholarships as part of its educational dedication to its students. The scholarship program gives each student consideration of extra help, depending on the requirements for each scholarship and grant.

English Language Programs For International High School Students and College Students at the Indiana Wesleyan University

The IWU offers three English language programs, namely: 

1. Cultural Immersion Program

This program comprises of team competitions, seminars on cultural sensitivity, and ESL sessions lasting 1-4 weeks. Here, students can learn about the culture of America.

2. IWU Semester Program

Students in this English program can take college courses for course awards, a 4-month ESL session, and seminars on cultural sensitivity. Here, professors and cultural mentors teach students about American culture

Here, international and college students are allowed to visit American families, institutions, companies, museums, festivals, colleges, and major sports competitions as part of the English program. With the help of this English program, students have access to major cities like Chicago, Indianapolis, and Washington, D.C.

3. Bridge Program

The Bridge Program is a 4 to 8-month English program, where College and international students can learn from academic scholars and juggernauts. Just like the IWU Semester Program, students also have access to major cities like Washington DC, and Chicago.

Eligibility Qualifications

The  IWU Scholarship applies to both first-time freshmen and transfers international students.   Except for individuals who meet the academic scholarship standards, which range from $11,000 to $16,000, this award replaces the IWU academic scholarship. 

In this way, the higher academic award will replace the $10,000 International Scholarship, eligible for students who meet the requirements for the higher academic scholarship.

Criteria for Renewing the IWU Scholarship

Applicant must maintain a full-time enrollment each year Applicant must meet SAP standards. Usually, the IWU  scholarship is can be extended to eight semesters.

Transfer students

Being members of the campus community who receive a similar level of investment and dedication to their future, transfer students are valued by Indiana Wesleyan University as well. These  Students have completed at least a semester out of high school at the time of enrollment and have probably obtained 12 college credits.  Indiana Wesleyan University will use a grid to determine the academic award of each transfer student.

 Generally, the grid is based on the student’s prior college work. The student’s overall GPA determines all college work that the student took, after graduating from high school.  Transfer students should note that their high school credentials will determine how large of the scholarship award they’ll get.

Paying of Expenses 

As part of the Application and registration process, each student must prove that they have the financial capacity to cover the cost of education, books, medical insurance, and room and board.  For the two semesters, the costs come to about $43,000.

As a student,  you’ll also need to pay for private expenditures. This is because the IWU Scholarship isn’t fully funded; the scholarship grant doesn’t offer full scholarships to international students.

Medical Insurance

The cost of medical care in the United States of America is often very high. Every international student must have U.S.-valid medical insurance Because Indiana Wesleyan University has no mechanism of covering unanticipated medical costs, every int’l student must have valid U.S medical insurance.  But if you don’t have one, then you’ll need to get insurance.  

On that note, you’d spend between $100 and $1200 annually. If you’re looking for where to purchase medical insurance, then you can get one on campus. With the help of  The international student advisor, you can have access to different medical insurance providers.

The Bottom line

A student who attends Indiana Wesleyan University creates a good investment for his/her future. Attending the University will help you grow mentally, spiritually, and psychologically. Click here to apply for the scholarship program.

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