India Election Results 2019: Modi’s Party Set to Increase Its Grip on Power

India Election Results 2019

The Incumbent Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi and the B.J.P., are now on track to win back-to-back majorities as results come in from the ongoing 2019 Elections. This would be the first time for any Indian political party in 34 years.

Modi’s party looks to be expanding on its majority.

In a surprise showing, Mr. Modi’s B.J.P. is leading the vote count in 294 of the 543 available seats in Parliament, suggesting a larger majority than it won in 2014.

Prior to the elections, most political analysts predicted that the Bharatiya Janata Party, or B.J.P., would lose seats overall, due to the citizens being dissatisfied with the nation’s failing economy.

But that was before renewed tensions with Pakistan gifted Mr. Modi an issue he could command. His campaign focused largely on the issue of national security and on a forceful foreign policy, and it’s now clear that played well among India’s 900 million registered voters.

Pakistan test-fires a missile in response to Modi re-election.

As the news of Mr. Modi’s impending win piqued up in India, in what would appear to be a show of strength, the Pakistani military establishment announced on Thursday that it had successfully test-fired a Shaheen II ballistic missile, which is capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

Earlier this year, the Pakistan-India tensions rose to a point were the two countries were at the brink of war. This was after a terrorist resulted in the death of several Indian soldiers in the disputed territory of Kashmir. Many political analysts believe that these events aided Mr. Modi’s showing in the election.

Modi supporters watch from the U.S. and cheer.

Elsewhere in the world, supporters of the Indian Prime Minister gathered to cheer Modi as the election results began to trickle in.

Hundreds of people with ties to India gathered in Edison, N. J., on Wednesday night to watch the election results as they came in and also celebrate Modi’s potential win,

The Effects of a Modi Re-election

A Modi re-election is not only viewed as good for Indian National security, as news of the reelection hit, the Indian stock market rose 2 percent to an all-time high.

Mr. Modi is viewed as good for business. He has simplified the tax system and cut down on corruption, and one of the signature achievements of his term was an overhaul of the country’s corporate bankruptcy system.

“For the markets, it’s like a vote of relief,” Jyoti Jaipuria, founder of Valentis Advisors, an investment advisory firm in Mumbai, said earlier this week, when exit polls showed that Mr. Modi’s party was likely to win again. “Politics is out of the way, and everybody can be back to fundamentals.”

So far, the Indian election has recorded lower incidence of violence than in the past. As it stands, Narendra Modi is set to embark on another tenure as Prime Minister while Rahul Gandhi, 48, a member of India’s politically powerful Gandhi family suddenly finds his position in parliament shaky. The Gandhi’s have represented Amethi, in Uttar Pradesh, in Parliament for decades. Rahul Gandhi, 48, who leads the Indian National Congress party, has personally held the seat since 2004.

But all that is suddenly at risk. Early results indicate that he is running neck and neck with Smriti Irani, a B.J.P. candidate and former soap-opera star whom Mr. Gandhi defeated in 2014.

The B.J.P. has been campaigning intensely in Amethi, hoping to embarrass Mr. Gandhi. But even if he ultimately loses there, he will almost certainly remain in Parliament. Under India’s electoral system, candidates can run for multiple seats simultaneously, and Mr. Gandhi is also running for a seat from Wayanad, in Kerala State, and he is expected to win handily there.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Indian 2019 Elections.

source: NYTimes

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