“I Celebrate You”- Ayanda Ncwane Tribute To husband Sfiso.

Ayanda Ncwane’s husband died in 2016 over Kidney failure at the age of 37.

On the five-year anniversary of her husband, gospel singer Sfiso Ncwane’s death, TV personality Ayanda Ncwane remembered her husband in a touching tribute. 

“Dear Bab’Ncwane, It’s been 5 years since you left us on this very day. I asked God to give me 5 years to get used living without you Gwamanda, and He has…. Today I don’t grieve for you…. I celebrate you, your powerful legacy, our friendship, our unforgettable love and marriage,” she captioned a video of one of Sfiso’s live performances and photos of the pair together.

In the heart-warming post, she spoke about raising their children and the love he had for his sons. “I carry you in my heart and spirit,” she said, thanking Sfiso for the beautiful memories they made together.  

“I’ll always love and miss you my darling,” she said. 

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