I am about to die, Lil Uzi Vert cries out about his Diamond implant

Hip Hop star Lil Uzi Vert who was recently in the news for buy 25 million dollar worth of diamond, which was going to implant in his forehead.

This week Lil Uzi Vert debuted a gigantic 10-carat pink diamond in the middle of his forehead. Details beyond that have been spotty, but they include a since-deleted tweet where Uzi, photographed with blood dripping from the piercing, claimed he needed the diamond removed carefully or else he could die. (He’s since clarified that he and the diamond are both intact.) So, we had to wonder: how exactly is that thing attached?

Unfortunately it did not go as it was planned as his head has been bleeding and could lead to bhis death if npot removed. The Hip hop artists, was

The 26-year-old rapper posted more photo and video content of his outlandish new jewelry acquisition, which he says he’s been paying off since 2017. At one point, Uzi must have moved it the wrong way because it struck a nerve, prompting him to bleed from the fresh piercing. Of course, instead of seeking medical help or calling the surgeon who implanted the diamond in his face, Uzi went straight to Twitter and posted a picture of himself with blood running down his face.

“If I don’t get it took out the right way I could die….. no seriously,” said Uzi on Twitter. The picture understandably sparked some concerned reactions from his fans, prompting the artist to quickly delete the post and issue an update. “Ok we are good,” he said in another video, this time without blood pooling on his forehead. 

Updated: February 5, 2021 — 1:45 pm

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