Hopsin – I Don’t Want It

“This will probably be the last song I put out in a while,” this is the opening verse on the new song by Hopsin “I Don’t Want It” and it’s one that will send chills down the spines of all his fans.

Hopsin bares his soul on his powerful new single “I Don’t Want It”

I Don’t Want It, Song Information.

  • Artist Name: Hopsin
  • Featuring: nil
  • Song Title: I Don’t Want It
  • Album: n.a
  • Genre: Hip Hop, US. Hip Hop
  • Release Date: July, 2019
  • Sources: HipHopZa & Fakaza

“I’m sorry to all my fans.” Hopsin continues his latest drop on a disturbing note, the lingering threat of self-harm hovers. As he begins to rap, his thoughts are straightaway taken to the late Robin Williams, as Hopsin struggles to imagine what the beloved actor might have been thinking of prior to taking his own life. His next lines, “My whole life they was calling me corny, stupid,” evident of his now heightened emotions. “I never had a dad that was there to mentor me through it, skateboarding was my escape, it wasn’t just for amusement.”

Hopsin – I Don’t Want It (AUDIO)

Although his status in life has seen a change, with fame also comes a totally different responsibility. “I’m just lending cheese,” he raps, “now I’m just looked at as an ATM machine / if I don’t give my friends my money, shit, I’m the enemy.” Just as the song comes to a crescendo, Hopsin becomes more vocally distraught, all-but begging for a way to stay the course. The song is a powerful one by the rapper, and we can only hope that he is not in a bad place, as the his words are reminiscent of those in Eminem’s “Rock Bottom.” Keep your head up, Hopsin, we’re here for you.  

Quotable Lyrics

Months later, my girl told me she’s pregnant
This was something I never expected
Her and I weren’t on good terms at the time, man, it was hectic
And I was scared if she kept this baby I might regret it
Made me be concerned I had a fucking toxic relationship
Last thing we need is a fucking toddler to raise in it
Having a baby is great, but not as amazing
When you got two parents who always fighting, hollering, breaking shit

Stream the song for free below, or click here to get the song. That’s the scoop!

Hopsin – I Don’t Want It (AUDIO)

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