Makhadzi – Haka Matorokisi (Tsonga version by Boti Ready)

Haka Matorokisi Tsonga Version by Boti Ready

Makhadzi is one of the most popular dance music artists in South Africa. She’s had an incredible year in 2019 releasing several hits including “Haka Matorokisi” which sparked off it’s own dance challenge on social media. Considering it’s popularity it was only a matter of time before we started getting remixes for the song. A few days back we uploaded a cover for Matorikisi performed by Ramzeey, and today we have the Tsonga version of Haka Matorokisi performed by Boti Ready.

Knowledge base: The Tsonga people are a Bantu ethnic group native mainly to South Africa and southern Mozambique. They speak Xitsonga, a Southern Bantu language which is closely related to neighbouring Nguni, in particular Swazi and isiZulu.

Take a listen to Haka Matorokisi in Tsonga below.

Makhadzi – Matorokisi (Tsonga version by Boti Ready)

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