Freeway & Nate Dogg – All My Life

Freeway & Nate Dogg – All My Life Mp3 Download.

Though forever respected as a key member of the early-millennium Roc-a-Fella movement, Philadelphia emcee Freeway seldom gets the appreciation he deserves. On that note, there are many who would declare his 2003 debut album Philadelphia Freeway to be an undisputed classic, a highlight chapter from one of hip-hop’s most iconic dynasties. Seeing as the album has officially turned eighteen today, it feels appropriate to share a standout cut, one that finds the late, great King Of Hooks rising to the occasion.

The Bink-produced “All My Life” features some inspired rhyming from Freeway, whose unique flow and delivery are examined with clinical precision. Boasting rhyme schemes that seldom fall under the standard convention, Free is easily one of the most patient emcees there is, delaying his rhymes for as long as possible before resolution. Throw in a slick chorus from Nate Dogg, who was in the midst of an incredible feature run, and “All My Life” withstands the test of time as an essential piece of the Roc-a-Fella puzzle. 

Happy anniversary to Freeway’s Philadelphia Freeway. Would you say this project is worthy of classic status? 


Yeaaah, it’s the worlds most dangerous
Clique, the Roc, we get neck in Los Angeles
Chicks scandalous, it’s just a part of the plans
I smash, photograph it, send ’em home to they man

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