Food Poisoning: Two Dead, As Twenty Nine Others Hospitalized.

Raw chicken legs, cooking meat

According to report, theĀ  poisoning was suspected to have emerged from a funeral at Kadima Street on Saturday, 13 November.

The health officials of Guateng says it’s proceeding with a cluster outburst of suspected food poisoning cases owing to the funeral of an elderly qoman in kagiso.

“We are working closely with the West Rand District in investigating the incident”, the department spokesperson Kwara Kekana said.

“Food was served around 11:00 and reports of sudden vomiting and diarrhoea began at around 16:00 on the same day,” said Kekana.

“On Sunday evening, there were rumours of eight cases of people with symptoms and one death.”

“The department had to date noted and verified 29 cases of people admitted and treated in public and private hospitals and were awaiting results of samples collected to find the causative organism”, Kekana said.

The department added that there were two suspected deaths, but that the District Health Services was still waiting for the cause of death report. She also said an additional 11 cases had yet to be confirmed.

“Water and food samples have also been collected and the District Health Services is awaiting results,” Kekana added.

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