Faith Nketsi Big Sis Lyrics

Faith Nketsi Big Sis Lyrics. Check out the full lyrics for “Big Sis” by Faith Nketsi.

Better don’t look at my sleeves
Look at this big chick
Y’all need to sit sit
Bitch I’m your big sis
Your people showing me love
Follow me click click
I’m in your wish list
They wanna lick this
Yeah I get all the attention
Please don’t talk when I’m fixing
Boss bitches stuck on my
Please don’t talk we flexing
Y’all be up in my mentions
But I don’t wanna talk cos I’m flexing
I don’t need them in my section
I don’t need hate when I’m flexing
Queen looking like a fairy
All your niggas like me I’m the one they wanna marry
Up on your screen looking like a cherry
Ass so thick like oh so scary
Girl don got it like this yeah
Bitch your so funny like Chris yeah
Minding my fix while licking my lips
Tryna kiss, I got many ways that can win

Imma take all of your fans bitch
That’s just cutting my plan check

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