Nick Cannon – Canceled: Invitation Ft Eminem

Nick Cannon, Canceled: Invitation Ft Eminem

Shady Strikes Back??? After Nick Canon released back to back diss tracks aimed at Eminem we expected a response from the veteran but that hasn’t happened yet and now we have Canceled Invitation. Shady has been relatively quiet about the Nick Canon diss tracks choosing only to respond via his social media and Nick Cannon is not relenting with his bashing.

This is the third Eminem diss track released by Cannon and is also likely to be the final onw as the rapper stated on his Twitter “Trilogies are my favorite!” indicating finality.

Earlier today, Nick Cannon dropped off another Eminem diss that samples an earlier song by Eminem and even went ahead to naming Eminem as a featured artist on the song. The track itself is actually very scathing. The question now is, at what point will Em respond?

Peep the song below.

Nick Cannon ft Eminem – Canceled: Invitation (Audio)

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