EFF Mayor Told To Resign, Following ANC Endorsement.

Motjeane was told to resign on Thursday morning, Malema told the media.

Motjeane was elected with the help of ANC councillors. The idea of having the ANC help the EFF obtain power did not sit well with the party’s leader Julius Malema. 

“We have asked the mayor to resign with immediate effect because she became a mayor through a vote of the ANC. We do not vote with the ANC. Even when the ANC votes for us, we should not accept that,” said Malema. 

“She was so happy because she said after the elections, ANC people were already demanding certain things from her. Already they were starting to talk corruption and the type of things they want to do in that municipality,” he added.

Who’s the next candidate?

The EFF would still back Motjeane as its mayoral candidate and seek the DA’s support to get her elected. 

Malema said that if the DA did not wish to support the party, the EFF would vote for a DA candidate. 

“She will remain our mayoral candidate in the municipality, and we will persuade the DA to vote with us, and if they don’t, we will vote with them, and we give them that municipality as long as it is not in the hands of the ANC.” The EFF’s ultimate goal was to unseat the ANC.

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