Labrinth and Zendaya hook up on All Of Us to end Euphoria

Labrinth –  All Of Us Featuring Zendaya

Labrinth and Zendaya hooked up on a song titled “All Of Us” to mark the dramatic end of the season finale of Euphoria which ended on sunday.

The songstress stars in the series as the troubled Rue which translated into a real music.

She is an amazing songstress who released her first single back in 2011.

However she has demonstrated that she can act too.
Zendaya brought out her amazing talents for The Greatest Showman with Labrinth’s “All of Us.”

In a recent Instagram post, she thanked everyone involved in producing Euphoria.

“I’m so grateful for this show. For the beautiful family I’ve gained from it, for the self discovery and purpose I’ve found in it, and the people that we’ve been able to connect with and speak to through it. We spent months, hard months, pouring ourselves into something we love, and it was an honor to have done so beside so many insanely talented, extraordinary people.”

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Labrinth –All Of Us Feat. Zendaya (Audio)

Quotable Lyrics

Too much in my system
(Famine, famine)
Money MIA
(Pockets hell a empty)
Mumma making ends meet
(Making ends meet)
Working like a slave
(Mississippi aye aye)
Daddy ain’t at home, no
(Father, Father)

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