Dj Sbu Unperturbed With MacG’s Gay Joke.

DJ Sbu

DJ Sbu Leope, who is a Radio and television presenter, took to his instagram to exbihit his shock over Macgyver “MacG” Mukwevho’s recent joke about him being gay.

During his show “Podcast and Chill” with MacG, his guest Molemo “Jub Jub” Maarohanye asked him why he was fired at YFM, just over a decade ago.

The podcaster replied: “Because I said sh** about gay people.

DJ Sbu. Picture: Instagram
DJ Sbu

“What is it that you don’t like about them? Did you get f**ked by one?” asked Maarohanye.

Mukwevho explained that he was young and immature back then.

“It was a juvenile thing to do,” he said.

“To show that I’m not homophobic, I’m friends with a lot of gay people, Somizi, DJ Sbu, there’s a lot you know,” said MacG.

The controversial podcaster then said he was kidding.

This joke didn’t sit right with many including DJ Sbu, who took shared the video clip on his Instagram and posted a question: “@macgunleashed official_jubjub is this how you thank me, my brothers?

While some found the joke offensive, others apologised on behalf of MacG, reminding the radio legend that it was just banter between the pair.

“This is disrespectful 🙁,” expressed Ntsika Ndibongo.

“Some things you cannot joke about, do everyone saying that they were just joking should stop that nonsense,” commented Thapelo Ratau.

“Even if it’s so we love on even harder ❤️ it’s extremely mean to out others, or lie on a public platform. Whatever it is just know you are loved irregardless buti wam,” added Toya Delazy.

“Phephisa. No harm was intended ❤️❤️ you are very respected and appreciated by the SA community at large,” said Ndumi Ndlovu.

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