Denzel Curry – N64

Denzel Curry – N64 Mp3 Download.

Denzel Curry, an American rapper, singer, and composer displays his creativity on this new track captioned N64.

Denzel Curry has officially turned the page on another chapter, turning twenty-six years old with an incredible discography under his belt. And while he only seems to be getting better with time, finding comfort in exploring new musical territory, it never hurts to take it back to the early days when he was still carving his way through Florida’s rap scene. For many, their introduction to Zel came by way of Nostalgic 64, a tape that many of his fans still celebrate — and rightfully so, given how many bangers like “N64” line the tracklist.

On that note, the title track features some inspired rhyming by Denzel, who absolutely snaps over an ominous and atmospheric banger from POSHstronaut & Nurі. As has come to be a staple part of his toolkit, he lines his verses with geek-friendly references, delivering them with an edge that emphasizes the “revenge” in Revenge Of The Nerds. In the first verse alone, he’s firing off references to Pokemon, The Usual Suspects, Batman, Black Knight, Finding Nemo, and Samurai Jack. It’s part of why he stood out as such a unique personality and continues to do so to this day — happy birthday to Denzel Curry!


Delivery, I’m the bullet that killed Kennedy
Enemy, D.I.T.C., darkest symphony
Necro, fuck around and let the TEC blow
Red beam to his noggin make it look like techno
I told you, I don’t even wanna be the best, ho
I’m the threat with Tourette’s making motherfuckers John Doe
Ricky Rozay, Aquarius Killa The Keyser Soze
Making a family cry together like the O’Jays

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