Courage To Grow Scholarship: Eligibility, Selection Process, How To Apply, Deadline, And Many More

By | August 23, 2023

Several colleges want to lessen some of the financial burdens that a college degree could place on people and their parents; they know how difficult the current economic situation is for families.

Due to the Courage To Grow scholarship program, students can now fulfill their aspirations of studying in college. It pains the scholarship sponsors when the college goals and dreams of many young men and women are overlooked, just because of lack of funds.

 When giving up might be easier, the fact is that it requires a lot of strength and tenacity to press on. The Courage to Grow Scholarship aims to support students in their pursuit of higher education. By removing some of the educational worries of students from disadvantaged homes, students can focus on their studies and other activities. 

Read on to know what the Courage Scholarship is all about, and how to apply for it.

About the Scholarship Program

The Courage To Grow scholarship gives each student a $ 500 stipend. What makes the Courage To Grow Scholarship very spectacular is the scholarship’s incredibly direct and easy application process, even though competing scholarships may provide higher financial grants. You wouldn’t want to waste time when applying for scholarship applications, and that is also where the College To Grow scholarship stands out.

Also,  you don’t need to feel disheartened if you don’t get the scholarship grant the first time, as you can always apply again. 

Criteria for Eligibility

  • Applicants must have a GPA of at least 2.5.
  • Applicants from trade/technical schools are eligible for the scholarship program.
  • The scholarship program is open to applicants from the United States.

Scholarship Award Procedure

1)  The scholarship program will choose  the final candidates one week after the application deadline 

2) Each scholarship recipient will get a certificate of award 

3) Subject to the following, scholarship funds will be transferred to the student’s college or university account:

  • Documentation of college enrolment gotten from the office of college administration.
  •  Evidence that the scholarship applicant strained a grade point average of 2.5 or above.

4) The maximum scholarship fund is $500.00.

How to Apply for the Courage To Grow Scholarship

 Follow these tips to apply: 

  •  First, click this link to access the scholarship application platform.
  • Fill in your first and last names 
  • Fill in your exact birthdate.
  • Provide an email address
  • After checking the two boxes below, select “Next.”
  • On the new page, fill out the necessary information, then submit your online application.

What Does the Essay Requirement Mean?

To be considered for the scholarship, you must submit a 250-word essay outlining the reasons why you need the Courage to Grow Scholarship.   Just write the essay in word and then paste it after you’re through writing it, or you can write it and submit it online.

Courage To Grow Scholarship Annual Timeline

 What makes Courage To Grow very outstanding is its scholarship’s year-round availability and rolling application acceptance. This means that students are eligible to apply at any time throughout the year. Of course, after interview sessions have been made, the school selects a new winner each month. 

Everything that has a beginning, has an end. The scholarship application deadline for the Courage To Grow scholarship ends at the close of every month. Please be aware that scholarship deadlines frequently vary, as the school may want to allow more people to register and apply. So ensure to check the website of the scholarship sponsor for the most recent dates. Don’t panic if you don’t receive an award the first month you apply.   

The Courage To Grow Scholarship is given to 12 different students on 12 different occasions throughout the year. Thus, if you’re a college or high school senior, be sure to check back on this application periodically during the year.

How are Scholarship Recipients Announced?

Usually, the most challenging aspect of the scholarship application process is the personal essay part. When writing the essay,   You just have to persuade the examiners that you are qualified for the scholarship. 

First, make sure you understand the scholarship question and what the scholarship committee expects your answer. You don’t want to give them the wrong answer. The panel will pay close attention to your essay and the reasons you need the scholarship.

The next step is to make your essay original and distinctive. Note that this is your chance to show the panel that you deserve the scholarship more than other scholarship applicants.

The Courage To Grow Scholarship was established by the OCD Foundation. The objective is to help American college and high school graduates complete their degrees without becoming caught in the financial system. The Foundation believes that helping individuals and families can provide children more freedom to focus on their education.

Last Words

This is your chance to achieve your academic dreams. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by if you are an American citizen in high school or a student currently enrolled in college. You are not financially stable to fund your tuition? Don’t worry. The student who writes the most meaningful essay receives a $500 reward each month. The scholarship was established to help students achieve their ambitions of attending college, relieving some of the financial pressures associated with it.

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