Chris Brown – Sexy (Ft. Trey Songz)

Listen to Sexy Featuring Trey Songz, from the new Chris Brown album “Indigo”

  • Artist Name: Chris Brown
  • Featuring: Trey Songz
  • Song Title: Sexy
  • Album: Indigo
  • Genre: R&B
  • Release Date: June, 2019
  • Written by: HipHopZa & Fakaza

Chris Brown Ft Trey Songz, Sexy. It’s officially Breezy Season as Chris Brown has finally dropped his highly anticipated 9th Studio album “Indigo.”

The album which boasts of 30 tracks, and two extra bonuses, features guest appearances from several household names. Here’s one of the most anticipated feature on the album, featuring the ever mysterious Trey Songz.


Baby, you can live your whole life holdin’ out (Out)
Let me pick you up and see if you could hold it down
Girl, I’m sorry ’cause I can’t keep my hands to myself
A little more liquor, I’ma take off my pants and my belt (Ooh)
This droops (Woo), slaps (Woo), I’ma smack that ass (Yeah)
As rough as you want it, in the front or the back
It don’t matter, you like it slow
Then go faster, we’re rollin’ on the floor, oh
It’s only you and me, stuck with each other and I love it (Oh)
Girl, I’m gon’ give my all, can’t get rid of me yet
Put you on a plane, whenever you on a jet (Jet)
Snatch your rapper chain, whenever you need a check (Check)
You know you can come and stay when you fight and he upset
Ain’t nothin’ change, side nigga, I remain, I fuck with you because you’re

Chris Brown – Sexy (Ft. Trey Songz)

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