Check out what happened after protest from Japanese “against Korean Hatred” in front of BTS concert.

The reason why a Japanese protest “against Korean Hatred” in front of BTS concert.

Interview with Danihuji who protested against korean hatred protesters around the venue. He ran to the venue right after he was done with work.

An extreme right wing person brought a huge speaker with a flag that says “yangee(xenophobia)” and defamed BTS jim and screamed nonsense that “Dakeshima (Dokdo‘s japanese name which they insist it’s theirs) is our island” Then 2 males and 1 female appeared with a paper that says.

“kor-jpn amity” “NO instigating discrimination and propaganda”.

They held a “counter protest” against Hate Korean protest and shouted to stop the hate speech.

From the speaker that counter protesters brought said “There is an incitement to discriminate against foreigners and specific people.” “Those who make this statement (hate korean) now keep repeating this discrimination.”


Those  people who came to the street to scream “against korean hatred” were ordinary japanese. They are not in a specific group or organization but as soon as they heard from SNS and twitter that there will be a protest held on “hate korean” they quickly left work and gathered at the venue.

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One of them is Danihuji Lisko(50) and he ran to the venue right after work when he saw a tweet that said a korean hatred protest will be held and counter protested until the korean hatred protest was over. He said to Yunhap News that “i heard there will be a korean hatred protest near my work so i thought i should write about this on my phone and let people know so i just went to Suidobashi station. But then i saw others who were doing counter protest and i knew some of them so i joined their movement.”
He added “the counter protest has meaning of protecting koreans but also protesting against discrimination happening in japan. Therefore, the korean hatred is a problem in Japanese society and japanese are also related to this.”
(Japanese high school students who are cheering BTS)

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It was Four Years ago that he Started to visit the Place where the demonstration against was held and to Participate in  the counter protest.
When I heard the story of the people who ran the counter , I jumped into the field myself thinking it was meaningful action. At first I was afraid to see the right wing protesters , but as I participated in the counter rally , I learned that their actions were meaningful . He said , ” We are talking about a long time , but it is inconsistent and unreasonable .” They are doing this to distract them(BTS)., He criticized the protest .

Although he held a rally in front of the venue where BTS performs. He said he knows their names.

“I came out here not with the heart of a fan but because I can not stand that the right wing are using BTS to protest Korean hatred”. Tanifuji said.


” The right wing is used as a tool to discriminate and attack T- shirts worn by Ji Min in the past ,” said Ji – hoon ,said .

BTS come to Japan to perform and they are happy with the fans in Japan . “” The Relationship between Korea and Japan is politically subtle, but  i hope  the Young People of Korea and Japan will Share happiness and Live -well the Together.

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