Chad Da Don – Dead Bodies Lyrics

Dead Bodies Lyrics by Chad Da Don

Chad Da Don – Dead Bodies Lyrics. Here is the lyrics to the song Dead Bodies by Chad Da Don and Phoenix Rose.

Catching Dead Bodies
Fck Errbody Huh! Yeah! Catching Dead Bodies Fck Errbody
F*ck Errbody
Catching Dead Bodies
Dead Bodies

Catching Dead Bodies
I don’t say sorry
Have some I’m not just anybody
Their mummies coming through to my crib caught in bare bodies
Yeah mommy, yeah mommy
Drop it low and give me head shawty
Got a problem we’ll solve it

I got fifty on me been smiling
Hit the club I start to brim shinning
My bitch better be gloss party
She brim on me that’s why she ain’t cuming
Gotta call her she been on it broke her promise no she ain’t honest
But to be honest i’m a party dog i’m popping you can stop because you ain’t got it

Got to get it I gat it I promise I can stop it no won’t offer anybody


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