Cardi B Stands By Kylie Jenner & Rosalia Cameos: “We All Have WAPS”

Cardi B stands up for Kylie Jenner and Rosalia, as the faces criticism for appearing in the “WAP” music video.

The music video for “WAP” was released on 7th August and it’s one of the biggest topics in hip-hop and pop culture right now. Kylie Jenner and Rosalia Cameo appeared in the video and this has caused controversies on social media as people hoped that someone like Saweetie, Flo, Milli, or even Viola Davis would have replace her. Cardi B stands up for them, explaining why she included the young billionaire in the video. “I wanted a different type of bad bitches in my video. Black, Latin, White, mix, we all have “WAPS” OK!!, Cardi B said.

“Happy birthday and thank you @Kyliejenner for being in my video”, Cardi B wrote on her Instagram. She also thanked Kylie’s mother saying “thank you always @Krisjenner, you always a call away for me and you treat me like fam”.
Rosalia Cameo, also got mixed reviews for her role in the “WAP” video. despite Rosalia’s wide reach in Central and South America, Cardi B’s American viewership did not light up for the Latin star. Cardi B defended in another post saying “Muchaaasss Gracias @rosalia.vt for being in my video, you are soo sweet and on top. Your visual creativity in music are just amazing. I can’t wait to work with you one day”.

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