Cardi B has been spotted enjoying some vacation time with Offset in Puerto Rico just over two weeks after announcing their split.

The rappers were seen looking very cosy together on a jet-ski as Offset took charge while the Cardi clung very dearly.

Speeding across the ocean, the estranged couple, who secretly wedded in September 2017, looked comfy together despite announcing their marriage had collapsed earlier this month.

Onlookers told TMZ the pair looked ‘very much like a couple as they laughed and played on.’

Just last week Offset gate-crashed Cardi’s set as the first female to headline act of Rolling Loud in order to the him back. It’s definitely a rollercoaster with these love birds.

His huge display of affection he brought on a massive floral arrangement with him came after a controversial few week as Offset was said to have allegedly tried to set up a threesome with two women.

Leaked text messages of their alleged exchange followed Cardi B announcing she and the rapper had split and would be getting a divorce.

While she was not impressed in the slightest by his display, judging by the way she shut of the lights, sent him packing and shot a glare that could freeze time, she has admitted she misses his, um, penis.

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Cardi went on Instagram Live and delivered quite the clip on Tuesday, sipping coffee and letting punters know exactly how she felt.

‘I miss it. I liked it,’ she said as she slurped her coffee to mark each point. ‘I want it. In my throat. Inside of me. Demolishing me. Destroying me. Oh shit. I need more coffee.’

“Sheesh, is it getting hot in here, or is that just the coffee”? she asked

And now it seems like they are having one-on-one time abroad.
Are they back together as husband and wife? Or is Cardi just getting that thing that she misses so much?

Who really knows when it comes to these two?

We do know that the sighting will spark more speculation that their split is all just one big publicity stunt after Offset gatecrahsed her LA gig last week, which she was forced to declare was not planned. 

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Many social media users felt the whole thing reeked of a stunt, but according to TMZ, Cardi had no idea Offset was going to show up, even though in a video her publicist Patience was seen leading the rapper to the stage for his big moment of rejection.

According to the website, Patience ‘strongly believes Cardi is still in love with Offset and does not want to pull the plug on her marriage’ and suggested she may have been in on it without Cardi’s knowledge.

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