Brent Faiyaz – Circles

Brent Faiyaz Circles Mp3 Download.

Brent Faiyaz is an American singer and record producer. Today he sends off a new vibe called Circles. Hit the play button to enjoy.

Brent Faiyaz has been on fire since dropping his acclaimed EP Fuck The World last winter, even with limited musical output. In September, he shared “Dead Man Walking,” a four-minute offering with unusually experimental production, and just 10 days ago, he released a pitch-bending single with Dj Hahi that featured Tyler, The Creator. It appears that Faiyaz wasn’t satisfied with just dropping “Gravity,” however, because today the Maryland artist unleashed three more records via Dropbox.

One of the three songs “leaked” is “Circles,” and it is one of the most sonically ambitious songs that Faiyaz has released so far. Dropped alongside a swirling music video, “Circles” combines the pitched vocal manipulation of Faiyaz songs like “Gravity” and “F*** The World” with characteristically minimal and harrowing production. The single also features fledgling New York City band Purr, who take over the last minute or so of the record with a dreamy Tame Impala-esque outro.

Although it’s been labeled across Brent’s social media with the words, “DO NOT LISTEN,” his lastest new single “Circles” is too good for fans not to press play.

Quotable Lyrics
N***** dyin’ everyday, but what can I say?
They just want me to sing
It’s like everyone wants you to think how they think
And do what they say & stay out the way
And if you don’t wanna they got a problem with ya

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