BREAKING: GOP US Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith wins runoff in Mississippi, despite her”public hanging” remark.

BREAKING: GOP US Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith wins runoff in Mississippi, despite her”public hanging” remark.

The victory will make her the first woman ever elected to Congress from Mississippi.
Her victory come comments reaffirmed the state’s long history of conservatism, racism and slavery.
She defeated Mike Epsy the Democrat candidate who served as the Secretary of Agriculture and his grandfather founded one of the earliest most prominent black hospitals in Mississippi.

Cindy Hyde-Smith sent her daughter to a segregationist school and was quoted as saying “I would like to be in the front row of a lynching.”.

A video erupted online of her telling supporters that she’d be “on the front row” if one of her supporters “invited me to a public hanging.” She later called the comments an “exaggerated expression of regard,” but her use of the phrase reignited the sad memories of Mississippi’s history of lynchings to the front burner.

During the debate she was asked about her remark, Hyde-Smith said “I would certainly apologize to anyone who was offended”, “This comment was twisted and it was turned into a weapon to be used against me,” Hyde-Smith said.

Her conduct and remark have been widely condemned by many people.
But their condemnation was not enough to disqualify nor reduce her electoral value in the state.
However, her conduct was disqualifying to a lot of people, which caused some of the nation’s biggest corporations to abandon her, Facebook has asked Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith of Mississippi for a refund of its $2,500 campaign contribution. Google Ernst & Young, AT&T, Major League Baseball’s commissioner, Amgen, and a number of other donors previously asked Hyde-Smith for their money back in light of her remarks about attending a “public hanging.” Hyde-Smith faces a run-off Tuesday against Democratic challenger Mike Espy.
This list of companies that asked Hyde-Smith for a refund after their contributions were reported are
Union Pacific, Boston Scientific,Walmart, Leidos,AT&T, Pfizer, Amgen, MLB, Ernst & Young, Google, Facebook, Blue Cross Blue Shield.
A lit of people have criticized.

President Donald Trump visited Mississippi on Monday to rally Republican voters behind Hyde-Smith despite her comments about a “public hanging” that set off weeks of public outcry and total condemnation.

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Condemnation from social media

“Cindy Hyde-Smith won.

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Nothing she said or did was disqualifying to a huge majority of white voters. That gave her the win.

That’s something.

Mississippi is ranked last in almost every category from health care to education to infrastructure. But let’s not forget there are many good, decent Americans living there. The last thing they needed was for their racist neighbors to elect Cindy Hyde-Smith to the US Senate.”

Her win on Tuesday means Republicans will hold 53 seats to Democrats’ 47 seats in the Senate in January. The GOP grew its majority in the Senate by two seats in this year’s midterm elections even as Democrats took control of the House.

Updated: November 28, 2018 — 9:20 am

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