Blaq Diamond Become Multi-Platinum Artists With Four Platinum Plaques Awarded

The most dominant and consistent duo in the mainstream right now is without a doubt Blaq Diamond. Made up of Ndu Browns and Danya Devs, the boys have been working pretty hard to get where they are now with the help of their record label. Having started their own “label” called Umuthi Records and signing singer-songwriter Sbahle, Blaq Diamond got a few tricks up their sleeves.

Yesterday the fiery duo got awarded with plaques for their chart topping music. Not one, not two but FOUR plaques were given to the two artists!

  • ‘Love Letter’ has gone 3x Platinum.
  • ‘Ibhanoyi’ has gone 4x Platinum.
  • ‘SummerYoMuthi’ has gone 2x Platinum
  • ‘Umuthi Album’ is now 6x Platinum

A big congratulations to the boys for scooping these ones up and becoming multi-platinum artists – hats off!

Updated: March 16, 2021 — 10:46 am

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