Blaq diamond Biography, Music And Lifestyle.

Blaq Diamond is a South African music duo sensation known for their outstanding and cultural influence in their Biography, Lifestyle and music.

Blaq Diamond is now a household name in South Africa, as everyone knows their music, and their faces which has created wonderful atmosphere for them to thrive in the country and beyond with terrific style of music that is very relatable, positive and yet fun to listen to.

They seem to have come out of nowhere and took the centre stage.

  • So where is Blaq Diamond from?
  • How did they get to where they are?
  • How old is Blaq Diamond?
  • What are Blaq diamond music lifestyle and Biography?
  • Where can you Download Blaq Diamond Songs?

Let’s see if we can answer all that.


Their names are Ndumiso Mdletshe and Sphelele Dunywa popular Known by their stage name Blaq Diamond. The light skin is called Dany while the dark skin is named Ndu.

  • Artists: Ndumiso Mdleteshe (Ndu), Sphelele Dunywa (Danya)
  • Country: South Africa
  • Genre: Pop, Afro-pop
  • Record Label: Ambitiouz Entertainment & Umuthi
  • Blaq Diamond Albums: Inqola, Umuthi
  • Streaming sites: Their music is available on YouTube, Spotify, Google Play Music, Deezer, and Scooptrend

They were on Ambitiouz Record Entertainment until recently when they launched their own record Umuthi but still in partnership with Ambitiouz.

Age & Early Life

The music duo Blaq Diamond which is pronounced Black Diamond were born in same year 1994, in the same town, Ladysmith, Kwa Zulu Natal, 150 the street code as both share a lot in common.

They started as a rappers while in high school at grade 8 while in school, when they discovered they had a lot of things in common while performing in the school and other free shows together.

Ndu is a 22-year-old producer, singer, and songwriter. He started singing at the tender age of 8 , he could play a lot of instruments while Danya, who’s in same age mate has been interested in making Music having been attracted to fame.

The bond has been instrumental in making music which has led them on a successful musical journey together and that doesn’t mean they have no Challenges as human being, but they speak about their challenges.

It is really not an easy rout making a mark in industry with their type of sound, as they met several roadblocks on their way.

The significant risk they took which was switching to unique Afro-pop sound made was very different, they delved into area most people avoid.

On the long run they realized that the more original and African music sounded, the more people related and wanted to listen to it. This helped them find their niche in the industry and solidify their genre, which is Afro-pop. The two, however, express their love for hip-hop as they sometimes, fuse it in their music.

Their music speak so much positivity, by focusing on love, integrity and respect which was heavily influnced by where they come from Ladysmith’s rich culture and Authenticity.

The rise of Blaq Diamond to fame

Having decided to pursue music together, they came to Johannesburg to get a larger platform for their unique sound. At first, it was hard for them.

Blaq Diamond, confessed that their journey was really hard when they moved from their small town to Joburg, where they knew nobody and was forced to sleep in police station as some point. But they knew from the get go that it will not be easy.

How did they gain this massive attention?

Every dark cloud has a silver lining, and when they finally got their first album out through Ambitiouz Entertainment, it was an instant hit and topped the South African charts. Danya said about their first album:

It’s been amazing, the first day we released the album we were number one across all genres. That was a milestone to us because we come from trying to grab people’s attention so they can listen to the stuff we make to people receiving our music in this way.

Their music continues to top charts, like Love Letter, which was popular in February. Jeannie D from Afternoon Express says that many people find their music relatable, and she admires how they keep it real in their music videos.

Blaq Diamond songs

They have released several hits, and some of them feature amazing artists such as Sjava, The Legacy, Cici, and many others. As of now, Ibhanoyi is their most viewed song on Youtube. Blaq Diamond Ibhanoyi mp3 download can be done on Scooptrend.

Some of Black Diamond music includes:

The origin of the name Blaq Diamond

When they were choosing a name, they felt that their sound was exceptional and distinctive. Their history of coming from a small town also played a significant role in their decision. They have a story to tell, like that of a rare black diamond. They got their name Blaq Diamond from the school while making music.

Blaq Diamond interesting facts

Blaq Diamond latest news

How many albums does Blaq Diamond have? They recently released their second album, and it is receiving much love from the public, and some songs are topping the charts. The name of the album is Umuthi, which means medicine in English. They have floated their new record label

Danya explained that they settled on this name because they feel that their songs, is a source of healing to their listeners and the content focused so much on the their background and where they are coming from

That is the inspiring story about two boys who had a dream that they worked hard to make it come to reality. The Blaq Diamond music reflects their story, lifestyle, biography and that is why they keep inspiring people with every song release.

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