Ambitiouz Entertainment attacks L-Tido for “supporting” Emtee’s Johustleburg

Ambitiouz Entertainment came for rapper L-Tido claiming that the same way he’s “ghosting” Miss Pru DJ’s Price to Pay is the same way South Africans are actually ghosting his music career!


All L-Tido did was to share his support on Emtee’s latest release Johustleburg which is currently topping the trends on Social Media.

“It’s a good day for SA Hip-Hop! Stogie #FreestyleFriday Kwesta #2skeif Aka #AKATV Emtee #Johustleburg,” wrote L-Tido.

“The same way you ghosting #PriceToPay is the same way South Africans are ghosting your music career,” wrote Ambitiouz Entertainment on their official Twitter account.

L-Tido laughed them off and said that Ambitiouz Entertainment was beefing with him because he tweeted Emtee’s new single Johustleburg.

“So Ambitiouz Ent is beefing with me now, all because I tweeted Emtee new single #Johustleburg how ridiculous is this???” questioned L-Tido.

Earlier this year L-Tido exclusively revealed that he’s been working hard at the gym, he’s newly released single, he loves and appreciates women, recording a lot of music and establishing his new business venture – New Wave Media.

L-Tido x The Music:

The hip hop mega-house, well, as we know him told us that he’s been recording a lot of music for his upcoming album titled, he doesn’t know the title of the album yet.

“I’ve been recording a lot of music. Even if I am not releasing music I always make sure that I stay productive by being constantly in the studio. With the music, I am gonna do a couple of things that are different not forgetting to feed the fans that started with me as L – Tido in the beginning – I wanna make that sound for them.

“I wanna bring back that sound they love. I also wanna do a new type of sound because things are gradually changing. When I started it was 2008 and now it’s 2020… You know you wanna give people something new and you also want to feed your core audience with the music that they love you for,” says L – Tido.

Updated: October 2, 2020 — 2:01 pm


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