AKA rants on Twitter over his lost to Nasty C over Best Digital Sales Award.

AKA rants on Twitter over his lost to Nasty C on Best Digital Sales Award category in South Africa Hip Hop Awards.

South African Hip hop Awards that was held last Wednesday witnessed many big South African artistes in attendance.

A lot of artistes bagged award (s) from different categories, a lot went home empty handed, Of course everyone must not win an award.

The new category which started few years back due to the advent of multiple online streaming platforms has grown astronomical in the industry.

It has become a means through which artist gets the true value of their hard work.

SA Hip Hop Awards in their wisdom has created the category known as Best Digital sales, to reward artist that has sold more through the digital platforms that can be assessed and judged by almost every individuals.

The coolest kid in Africa Nasty C went home with this year’s ‘Best Digital Sales’ awards beating AKA who many thought would win the category.

Nasty C Best Digital Sales

SA Hip Hop Industry had just celebrated AKA and Yanga’s milestone with their hit single titled “Dreamwork”.

However, a lot of Fans are questioning whether Nasty C truly deserves to win.

An overzealous fan tagged @AKAworldwide on Twitter to raise the issue on why Nasty C should have won the category while tagging SA Hip Hop Awards and AKA.

This caught the attention of AKA who have been snubbing the Awards in recent times, for reasons best known to him.

AKA didn’t hesitate to respond to the tweet from the fan. He responded as follows,

“Dreamwork and One Time were released nearly FOUR YEARS AGO. That’s what we were awarded DIAMOND for. Strings & Bling came out in 2018. When I left, I was never awarded my plaques. Upon resigning, they were awarded to me. Does it make sense to you now or not?,” AKA replied.

Another fan trolled him saying that
“I see. But 5×DIAMOND is impossible”.

AKA responded, swiftly ” Someone also said that about me having my own sneaker with Reebok.”

What do you think about his response?
Do you think he’s bitter that he didn’t get the Award?

Updated: November 24, 2019 — 8:05 am

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