AfroNerd – Freedom Is Tomorrow (Album)

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AfroNerd has released his feature heavy album “Freedom Is Tomorrow.” The album itself is so an amazing afro house compilation with appearances from Lizwi, Zithane, Kronik SA, Yves, Afrika Soul, Boyzee, Dj Rocker, Anda Cassandra and Amanda.

The album title was likely inspired by the South African Apartheid history and the cover features an image of the late South African icon, Nelson Mandela.


  1. AfroNerd – That Was My Man (Revisit) (feat. Kronik SA & Amanda)
  2. AfroNerd – Fly Away (feat. Boyzee) AfroNerd – Don’t Leave Me (feat. Anda Cassandra)
  3. AfroNerd – Take Your Love (feat. Yves & Kronik SA)
  4. AfroNerd – No Ordinary World (Vocal Mix) (feat. Anda Cassandra & Lunar Folks)
  5. AfroNerd – Inkosi (feat. Lizwi) AfroNerd – Thumela (feat. Boyzee)
  6. AfroNerd – Take Your Love (AfrikaSoul Remix) (feat. Yves, Kronik SA & Afrika Soul)
  7. AfroNerd – I Gave Myself (feat. Lizwi) AfroNerd – Africa To Europe (feat. Dj Rocker)
  8. AfroNerd – Mukwano Ngwange (feat. Zithane & Siza)
  9. AfroNerd – I Gave Myself (Revisit) (feat. Lizwi)

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