A$AP Rocky’s Trial To Begin This Week, Main Witness Against Him Arrested For Theft

A$AP Rocky’s Trial To Begin This Week, Main Witness Against Him Arrested For Theft

 This week marks the beginning of A$AP Rocky’s trial in Sweden.

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A$AP Rocky Arrested In Sweden On Suspicion Of Assault: Report

The trial of A$AP Rocky will commence this week in Sweden after the rapper has been arrested by the police for assault.

The prosecutor is asserting that Rockey and his team deliberately, together in agreement attacked Mustafa Jafari on June 30.
Meanwhile, Rocky has insisted that the fight was an act of self defence.

But the authority has refused to agree with this position.

Interestingly, TMZ reported that Jafari’s friend who witnessed the fight, Dawod Hosseni, in now into big trouble.

Both of them have very rough history in the Stockholm.
A report about their past activities has surfaced, detailing how they engaged in criminal activities.

For instance, Jafari was arrested three years ago for hitting a man in a Stockholm street brawl.

Two weeks after Rocky was taken into custody, Hosseni was arrested for theft.

According to TMZ, Hosseni attempted to lift two expensive jackets from a boutique and when he was stopped by police, officers found that he had a knife on him.

If A$AP is convicted, the sentence for the charges will runs up to two years.

Jafari’s attorney will argue that the altercation began when Rocky’s security guard grabbed his client, while Rocky’s attorney will note that the video recording shows Jafari hitting a member of Rocky’s entourage in the face with headphones. The trial is set to last three days.

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