A Reece – Residual Self Image ft. Ayanda Jiya (Lyrics)

A-Reece just dropped off this song with Ayanda Jiya titled “Residual Self Image”. Here is the full song lyrics.


Forgive me I’m going off
For all the non believers who were there when I started off
Ever since I made it and I’m here not a word from y’all
I know that you pray I fall, you need a new prayer dawg

(That’s why I be going off)
Forgive me I’m going off

Fifty thousand for the night and I might just blow it all
She’s riding with me for the night and I might just show off
They know when I arrive that I make the city small
(Yeahhhhhh… yeahhhh…ah)

Yeah… hats hats
Acknowledgment without the accolades
Still I celebrate cause any day could be the last time I hear this record play
My heart is in a better place my mind is in a different state
So I don’t even care how much the records make
How many lives can this record save?
How many minds can it liberate?
Feeling like I’m liable to make a change
Here I stand center stage
As I take a leap of faith
I let the music lead the way
All that passion I put in the game
All the credit that I never claimed
Yet I’m still amazed at how they always finding ways to slander my name
Life is a gamble but like old people where casinos dawg I’m here to stay

They know when I arrive that I make the city small
(Yeahhhhhh… yeahhhh…ah)

Vision ain’t a hobby it’s a lifestyle
Niggas will tell you likewise
I say niggas referring mostly to my guys
Nothing like those humble days when all I was to you was just noting more than a lifeline
Niggas think they’re brave enough to take mine
I ain’t never been the type to take five especially when I’m behind enemy lines
In position, minding my own business
But niggas keep sniffing impersonating a canine
I keep telling my mother that I’m gonna make time
Great things take time
I’m on a mission
Total demolition
World domination
Aberration, fuck the system
Niggas know we ain’t kidding this side
Niggas know way nothing killing the spirit this time
Nigga just keep that in mind
A nigga like me keeps getting harder to find
Told her a nigga like me keeps getting harder to find

[Chorus – Ayanda Jiya]

They know when I arrive that I make the city small
Most of them hear them praying for my downfall
Niggas catching feelings cause they know I walk tall


Is it really so hard to believe
Your clothes are different, the plugs in your arms and head are gone
Your hair has changed
Your appearance now is what we call residual self image

They tried to black ball me but I’m still putting numbers on the board
You boys are only known for shaving points like pawn on the longest yard
I know you ain’t who you think you are
You’re bad liars
Stop trying hard
Quit talking like you got Prius
You don’t want to start an uproar
With the man I stand before
These niggas got pride like a group of lions I’m in top form
They won’t admit I’m killing it on every platform
You in the presence of a god nigga hold your flaws
If you gon put your hands together you might as well send a prayer to the lord
You hell bound fuckin with the boy

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